Celebrating and honoring women’s spirit, courage, determination and heart.

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit working on creating edutainment projects meant to uplift, empower, and support women.


Sonia Jackson tells stories.

People have told stories as long as there has been language. We’ve told stories of great, history-changing events, and stories about rather mundane days. As soon as we began to tell stories, we began to perform them, something that has continued for thousands of years to this day.

Sonia Jackson has been in the entertainment industry for over thirty years. An actor, writer, and spiritual practitioner, she founded Visions of Possibilities in 2019 in order to keep telling women’s stories. 

Shows produced by Visions of Possibilites are poignant, comedic, and thought-provoking. They’re meant to tell stories that resonate with all women, across generations. They demonstrate that each woman has her own story, and the importance of recognizing and telling those stories to the world.

Upcoming Performances

All upcoming performances will be announced on our “News” page.


Our Productions

I'm Gonna Fly

A single-woman show based on the life of Bessie Coleman, America's first black aviatrix. Determined to become a pilot in a time when women didn't become pilots and she was still subjected to segregation, Bessie's story is inspiring.

Conversations 'Bout The Girls

An engaging blend of women’s stories about the transformation from little girls into young ladies and then into women. The play is about women’s relationship with their breasts and how that relationship is influenced by the world around her.


A roller coaster of universal themes about grandmas, mamas, children and mothering. Featuring a multi-generational cast of characters: children playing, teens discovering, mamas tending and more to make us think about how to parent well and how to be thoughtful, mindful, and kind in life.

What People Are Saying

"Absolutely fantastic! I hands down recommend seeing [Conversations 'Bout The Girls] - especially if you're a woman or have a daughter. The acting, the set, the story - everything from start to finish is superb. Sonia is also immediately likeable and engaging. She does an amazing job of weaving together several characters and storylines into one simple afternoon at a bra shop. It also really raised my awareness about the various joys and traumas women go through with their breasts and led me to examine my own relationship with my body."
Diana Varco
"By turns hilarious, moving, thought-provoking, and challenging, Sonia Jackson's 'Conversations 'Bout The Girls' is an entertaining blend of stories about women and how they relate to their bodies, in particular their breasts. Imparting information and emotion, the production challenges assumptions about what is normal and celebrates the beauty of every woman."
Mary Mallory
The Tolucan Times
"[Conversations 'Bout The Girls] was a great show that really opened my mind while making me laugh. Sonia Jackson is polished and professional. Her story, set in a bra shop, beautifully weaves comedic tales of diverse 'boob, titty, jug, mosquito bite' stories with non-sexual, and sometimes serious, snippets of the more human side of women's breasts."
Jade Beauvoir
"[Mamaisms] is a story for everyone who was ever part of a family. Sonia Jackson has a huge range of multi-generational family stories to amuse and enlighten. She manages to embody playful children, teens learning to fly, bumbling but loving parents, and doting grandparents – those lucky individuals who get to spoil their cranky grandchildren…and then go home to relax."

Arrange For A Performance

Presentation of our plays makes a wonderful event or fundraiser for any organization, whether it’s men interested in better understanding the women in their life, groups of mothers, wives or daughters, or organizations that support issues that are unique to women. If you’re interested in staging one of our productions, please contact us.