"Conversations 'Bout The Girls"

Written by Sonia Jackson, “Conversations ‘Bout The Girls” is an engaging blend of stories told by women at different stages in life, centering around the relationship of each with her breasts and how that relationship is influenced by the world around her.

“Conversations ‘Bout The Girls” is a play whose purpose is to provide an engaging way to entertain the public. Through the sharing of these thought-provoking stories, “Conversations ‘Bout The Girls” has the ability to:

  • Transform lives through the power of understanding.
  • Empower women to heal their bodies, minds, and spirits by discovering their inner strength, courage, and beauty, and
  • Encourage a greater expression of self-esteem and self-respect.


Our vision is to increase the expression of mutual respect in the way men and women communicate with each other.

"Throughout history, breasts have always attracted attention – wanted or unwanted – and the messages women receive about their breasts are conflicted. We’re told that our shape and size, and how much we choose to show or cover-up, makes us beautiful or shameful, nurturing or sexualized. This show removes outside perceptions and brings to light the true conflicts and wonder that comes with the feminine experience of having breasts." - Sonia Jackson

Originally a play of monologues with a through-line of breasts, the stories were woven together to tell the story of women.

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls second iteration was a solo show which takes place in a bra shop, where we find the proprietor restocking and training a new team member on the various bras and the women who purchase them.

Most recently Conversations ‘Bout the Girls takes the bra shop idea and uses an ethnically diverse cast whose ages span decades to tell the tales of a woman’s journey in life because she has breasts. The colorful company, with a range of sizes, weights, hues, and shapes, play the staff and customers in the store and tell their stories live or through flashbacks.

The story culminates with the patrons returning to the store after hours for a Women’s Circle of camaraderie and frank discussions of women’s issues.

Topics Covered in "Conversations 'Bout The Girls"

Stories of how women discovered their breasts.

How – and when – do you tell the person you’re dating that you only have one?

A “getting your first bra” story.

The women share stories of the types of cleavage women have or don’t have, and how they’ve used them.

The story culminates with the patrons returning to the store after hours for a Women’s Circle of camaraderie and frank discussions of women’s issues.

The story culminates with the patrons returning to the store after hours for a Women’s Circle of camaraderie and frank discussions of women’s issues.

There are a number of other topics that can be covered in “Conversations ‘Bout The Girls,” from nursing a baby, choosing to pursue enhancements, domestic violence, and more. 

"Sonia Jackson covered all the bases for what creates amazing theater. Her acting demonstrates the brilliance of the best tradition of memorable character monologists as she weaves in and out of a colorful cast of personalities that all flawlessly roll off her tongue as if they have been waiting in the wings for a lifetime to reveal their truths. In her tapestry of giving voice to a serious discourse, Sonia showed perfect comedic timing as well as heart wrenching soliloquies of tenderness. Her ballerina-like movements across the stage take the audience into the hearts of the distinctive personalities as they engage with each other and create a multi-layered and multi-vocal conversation on a theme about serious issues. Set in a bra shop with minimal props, Sonia has written a theatrical gem that I hope to see on every college campus in the country as she cleverly raises awareness. 'Bout the Girls was entertainment and education at its finest!"
Jelani Hamm
"The manner in which Sonia travels through stories about what women experience simply because females have breasts is masterful, to say the least. She is an extremely talented actor as demonstrated in her ability to play so many roles and to weave through them so seamlessly. 'Conversations 'Bout The Girls' is funny, insightful, touching, meaningful, and a must-see for both men and women."
Francesca S James
"Absolutely fantastic! I hands down recommend seeing this show - especially if you're a woman or have a daughter. The acting, the set, the story - everything from start to finish is superb. Sonia is also immediately likeable and engaging. She does an amazing job of weaving together several characters and storylines into one simple afternoon at a bra shop. It also really raised my awareness about the various joys and traumas women go through with their breasts and led me to examine my own relationship with my body."
Diana Varco
"Sonia Jackson has created a community of women with similar experiences and perhaps similar fears and shame. Every woman will recognize herself in some part of the performance, which ranges from stories of size (too much, to little) to function (breastfeeding and foreplay) to dysfunction (mammograms, breast cancer, loss). Ms. Jackson, in this thoughtfully written piece, raises out awareness of the unrealistic standards for women's bodies that pop culture and mass media present as the 'norm' - a lean, mean, trim and thin body with large firm round breasts. The actors on stage deal with the fact that every woman has issues with her truth, her body, her norm."
Carole Schor

See It For Yourself

Presentation of this play makes a wonderful event or fundraiser for any organization. Whether it’s a women’s organization looking to discuss topics that any female can relate to, or men seeking to better understand the women in their lives, this is a topic that can appeal to a wide variety of audience members. If you would like to arrange for a performance, please contact us.